Do I Qualify to List?

Love Luxury Homes is committed to providing the best quality accommodation and experiences to discerning travellers, and effectively representing and increasing quality bookings for managers and property owners, who meet the following criteria:


  • Must be a registered professional management company
  • Minimum 2 years industry experience
  • Must represent Luxury or Affordable Luxury properties
  • Properties must be serviced daily, or at the very least twice weekly
  • Must have quality linen, towels, cutlery etc - specifically for rentals
  • Must have a check-in manager available
  • 24/7 emergency support or contact

Independent managers are welcome to apply, subject to approval.


  • You own a luxury property or a few luxury properties
  • Your property is fully serviced and/or professionally managed
  • Your property has an allocated maid who knows the property and can clean it daily or at least twice a week
  • You have quality linen, towels and utensils designated only for your rentals
  • You have a designated person to do the check in and check out of guests

Owners who do not have managed homes:

  • If your home is not professionally managed, we will introduce you to a professional manager in your area that can help prepare and manage your property and provide hospitality service for the guests.


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