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Love Luxury Homes


Hotel Members-Only Rates: Access to 5% discount on all Hotel Rental Bookings worldwide

Love Luxury Homes Private Membership Portal, Self-Service: Discover and Book High Quality Serviced Homes for Short Term Rental that mimic your own personal style, lifestyle and profile, in Europe, South Africa, America and Caribbean.

Access to Members-Only Personalised Travel: Save time when booking your holiday accommodation.

Receive Accommodation options automatically ahead of time, that match your profile and travel schedule.

 VIP Service: Submit your Booking Request, Receive Homes directly in your Inbox, Approve, Book, Travel

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Love Luxury Travel

£5,000 per annum

All Features of Love Luxury Homes: Access to the best selection of vacation rental homes & personalised travel

Celebrity Master Travel Experience: Access to Private Invitations to Celebrity or Industry Leader Expert Travel Events and Hosted Trips, never seen before, related to Human Behaviour & Potentiality, Spirituality, Creativity, and Inspiration & Celebration.

Group Travel Experience:

Access to Annual Group Travel with other Love Luxury Travel Members 

Members-Only Hideaways & Unconventional Travel Experiences: Personalised invitations to  hideaways, getaways and programmes designed to revitalise and recharge you from inside out.